About us

Tatiana Mars (Samarskaya-Vozniouk) is Russian-Ukrainian born. Her creative passion for art began when she was six years old, as she visited museums and art studios. She would spend her weekends at the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow, the Bolshoi Theater, and opera theaters in Kiev and Odessa.




After she arrived in the United States in 1991, Tatiana became an art dealer and producer of art and cultural events. She worked with such famous designers as Bijan and Jonathan Martin, as well as with movie producer Silvio Tabet. Tatiana promoted a vast group of contemporary artists while working with Art Brilliant Gallery on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. Many of those artists are well known today in Japan, Europe, Russia, and the United States. Her first gallery has been called “An oasis of European culture in Beverly Hills” by Beverly Hills Times magazine. Sophia's gallery was designed in the style reminiscent of a bygone era emphasizing French and Russian style. Now, Tatiana organizes and presents extraordinary cultural and charity events in the U.S., France, Russia and the Ukraine with talented artists, singers, and designers from around the world.


Tatiana has also built her reputation by helping people through charity auctions, sponsoring missions in Russia and the Ukraine, and promoting the talents of former Soviet Union artists in the United States.